Who needs Professional Translation Services in the UK?

professional human translation uk

The professional translation industry is booming as organisations across sectors seek to bridge the language gap, for those willing to communicate across languages and cultures, the opportunities are enormous.

Multilingual communication is a priority for a wide variety of industries. Here are a few types of industries that use professional translation services (humans rather than computer) in the UK to enhance their offerings and support their mission:

  • Healthcare providersHealthcare professional translation

As communities grow more linguistically diverse, healthcare organisations rely on translation to help doctors, nurses, and other personnel communicate with patients and their families. Hospitals, clinics, and medical offices translate many of the integral patient-facing materials used daily.

Translation is not only valuable in keeping patients and their families informed, but it also helps healthcare organisations comply with regulations.

  • Law firmsLegal professional translation for law firms

Law firms require translation when representing clients or defending against litigants who are not native English speakers.

By using a trusted language partner, the legal industry can be sure that their data is fully protected, and their translations are of a high standard.

  • Educational institutionsEducation professional translation

In the world of higher education, many colleges and universities rely on translation to market to prospective international students and provide the resources they will need to be successful. Schools translate marketing and admissions materials, student handbooks, and campus information. Translation also helps colleges and universities support effective community engagement.

  • Financial services companiesFinancial professional translation

For years, globalisation has altered the way financial services companies around the world do business. Companies tailor the client experience to align with the needs of a multilingual, multicultural customer base. Commercial banks require translation of the communication materials their customers interact with daily, such as loan applications, ATM text, signage, in-branch marketing material, promotions, and websites.

Creative firms and in-house marketing departments use a variety of language services to make brand messaging and campaigns relevant and engaging to multilingual, multicultural audiences.  Marketing translation spans the print and digital landscape, and can include websites, landing pages, display and banner ads, integrated campaigns, contests and promotions, PR, and social media.

At Translate Hive, our specialised teams will provide you with high-quality language services that will help you communicate effectively with your international audience. Find out how our industry-specific services can help you by getting in touch with us here.

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