Hindi Translation Services

With a population of over 1.3 billion people, India is the second most populous country in the world. A plentiful and young population, favourable tax treatment, and increasing integration into the global economy all make India a potential and attractive market for global companies. About 40% of the Indian population speak Hindi as their native language; thus, using Hindi on legal, financial, medical, and business materials helps your company reach a larger audience. We provide native Hindi translations across the UK.

In a country like India, where people speak so many different languages, the role of a Language Professional becomes very important.

There are about 260 million native Hindi speakers. Translating into the language of a country you do business in is an excellent way to find new customers and strengthen ties with local companies while considering important subtleties of the native culture, both historically and socially.

Being a native translator gives the advantage of knowing the unwritten rules of the language. We make sure that the translators handling Hindi translation for you are professionals who are aware of the different registers, dialects, contexts, styles, and other cultural aspects of Hindi. This makes them perfect in selecting the right word for the right use, be it for translation from English or any other language into Hindi or from Hindi into English or any other language.

With the help of a project manager, our group of qualified & native Hindi translators will help in the translation of virtually any text, video, or document.

We Offer

  • Cost-effective language services from English to Hindi and Hindi to English
  • Contextually relevant, localised translations
  • Fast turnaround with absolute accuracy
  • Expertise in varied industries, categories, and file types
  • Scalable services regardless of project, size, scope, or duration

Hindi Language Facts

English has borrowed a great number of words from Hindi.

Examples of Hindi loanwords include avatar, bandanna, bungalow, dinghy, guru, jungle, khaki, karma, loot, mantra, nirvana, punch, pyjamas, sorbet, shampoo, thug, typhoon, and yoga.

Hindi is it is taught in 176 of the world’s universities, out of which 45 alone are in America.

None of the alphabets of Hindi give any illusion, even if they are written upside down or show a mirror image.