We started life in 2013 as a division of Laird Assessors, an expert witness firm established in 2000. Laird have really high standards and are renowned within the industry for their award winning customer service and evolutionary technology solutions.

Initially we dealt with translation of legal documents and medical records. Using methods and standards learnt from Laird, we found a steady increase in clients mainly because they could trust us to do a good job, on time, reliably. We also ensure high confidentiality of their documents, some of which are highly sensitive.

The translation industry is made up of giants with public sector monolith contacts and lots of one man bands. For an SME the giants are too big to care or be bothered under six figure deals. The one man bands tend to want paying immediately or before work and often don’t have insurance or technology to cope with modern commercial standards.

We sit somewhere in the middle. We’re large enough to have proper technology solutions, HR, H&S, full insurances in place, plus we can offer deferred payment options or account facilities (subject to status) to businesses. However we’re not huge so care about every single job and each and every customer.

Our frontline team are supported by a bespoke and unique software platform Swiftcase which ensures compliance, high customer service, job accuracy and a client portal for regular customers.

In 2017 we received our first instruction to translate instructions and ingredients for a UK based manufacturing company who were exporting worldwide.

Thrilled with our work they told some of their contacts which led to more bookings for us. We branched out into translating pretty much anything where accuracy and the true meaning of the text was important (rather than a literal translation). Wedding documents, complete websites, adverts for international clients, menus for restaurants, immigration documents; we’ve translated all sorts of stuff over the years.

We believe it’s going to be a while before AI can replace human translation due to the multitude of non-logical idiosyncrasies found in so many languages, especially English!

The Team Behind Translate Hive

The Translate Hive team, headed by long serving Hayley Cowle, has gathered a wealth of experience within the legal side of languages. We recognise the benefits of Translation & Interpretation services within the legal, marketing and commercial sectors. As our team & reach grew, we decided to rebrand from Laird Languages to Translate Hive.

Having understood the instrumental part the customer journey plays, we work closely with software company Livepoint to build a bespoke system that reduces delivery times, and ensures the correct documentation accompanies each service to certify its authenticity at the click of a button.

The Translate Team is here to ensure no problem is left unchallenged with high quality underpinning the outstanding service we strive to achieve every day. We strive to build relationships to ensure clients receive the very best customer journey possible.

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