Business Translation Services

A primary motive to become global is to gain access to new sources of revenue. Many companies have been taking their business into foreign nations over the last few years, whether it be an operational move to produce products at a lower cost or a marketing strategy. Creating new revenue while minimising costs is key to earning profits, this also leads to companies becoming more competitive. With the help of business translation services businesses can achieve this.

But are you ready for international expansion?

So, your business is doing great and you wish to expand it further globally? Global exposure is possible only if you make it ready for it. Business communication with multiple countries demands expertise and precision. Whether you belong to the public or private sector, you need professional language translation services for more than one reason.

One of the first questions you must answer is whether your business is actually suited to succeed in international markets. Just because you think your product or service will thrive in a new country doesn’t mean it actually will.

There’s a very high chance when expanding globally your business will need to communicate with people who do not understand the origin language.

Hiring a professional business translation service provider like Translate Hive, facilitates the procurement of a language expert with the know-how to translate content into a language all customers can understand while ensuring the message gets to the recipients properly. Moreover, they take care of cultural complexities. When the content is translated properly, the buyers can have the real feel of what you provide and what the company stands for. That way, they can make purchases with the knowledge of what to expect.

There are many challenges and risks, and the fact that business works differently in other countries is a key one. One of the most difficult challenges businesses face arises from cultural differences: going global and being successful abroad not only involves speaking a foreign language, it means becoming familiar with a whole set of local cultural rules which are country – or even region – specific.

In 2009, HSBC had to launch a $10M rebranding after discovering the difference translation can make. The bank’s slogan “Assume Nothing” had been translated as “Do Nothing” in some languages – not the kind of message a global bank wants to send.

Though translation is useful for any business heading for global domination (or at least for international expansion), there are some industries to which it is particularly important;

Travel, Leisure & Tourism has rapidly grown in line with globalisation in recent decades. There are even some countries, particularly ones with smaller populations, that rely solely on tourism for their continued economic well being;

Retail, Consumer & Ecommerce, if your website is only available in one language you could be severely hampering your business’s growth potential. The first step in securing your global online presence is to translate and localise your website to accommodate your target market.

Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals & Medical is a global industry and translation is required for everything, from dosage instructions on medicines to patient notes. But it’s not just translation that helps the medical industry worldwide; interpreting and transcription are also invaluable services.

Marketing, Advertising & PR is all about communicating your business’ brand messages to your audience effectively to drive sales. For a campaign to work on a global scale literal or machine translations just will not cut it. In fact, there is a high risk of offensive or religious indifference.

Manufacturing, while some manufacturers are considering outsourcing to other manufacturers overseas, translation is needed to help these two parties communicate clearly and effectively, whether you’re sending technical drawings or instruction manuals.

In conclusion, a company, no matter the industry, that wishes to expand their business abroad, should remember the incredible value business translation and localisation experts can bring in approaching international clients appropriately. Understanding the local culture, can make or break your Global endeavours.