We provide court certified translation & interpretation services for the thousands of languages around the globe.

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There are around 6,500 languages spoken on this globe, and as easy travel and the internet bring us closer and mix us humans, all up, the need for translation and interpretation has never been so important. But why not use an automatic translation from the internet? Simply put, they’re great for literal translations but not for accurate meanings or close to an acceptable accuracy for Court.

Even with advanced AI software, we are still nowhere near getting software to translate as well as a human translator. Try typing in “mañana, mañana” & you’ll get “tomorrow, tomorrow” technically correct, but the actual meaning is “later” – a few days perhaps years, probably not tomorrow.

We provide court interpreters for events such as legal cases, medical appointments or meetings. We cover several hundred of the most popular languages currently used in the UK and take all the hassle out of arranging appointments with multiple parties.

Expert Witness Court Translation and interpretation services from a UK based award winning, friendly and professional team.