Interpretation Services

Interpretation is the verbal interaction between parties, either face to face, via telephone, or remotely using Zoom, Skype, MS Teams, or any other remote platform you require. It is a spoken appointment.

We started supplying professional interpreters to help solicitors’ clients attend medical appointments, court hearings and interpret witness statements. As word grew of our service, businesses started using us, particularly exporters & importers where they were required to negotiate contracts, conference calls, even entertain clients who speak different languages.

How Does Interpretation Work?

Interpreters act as a bilingual intermediary between two parties, interpreting the language of the speaker into that of the listener. The great advantage of a human over AI computer interpretation is the ability to understand the meaning behind the spoken word, through intonation, body language and context.

Professional Face to Face Interpretation

This is also referred to as a “physical attendance interpretation. Our interpretation service covers the entire UK and the many commonly spoken non-English languages plus quite a few rare and unusual ones. Our interpreters are all registered with the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI). They are vetted to the highest standard and are regularly used by the police, courts, legal and medical industries, home office and counter terrorism.

Telephoned & Remote Interpretation

We understand that our working lives can be so busy with meetings, deadlines to meet and admin work to be done; our personal lives can be hectic too, just as so for your clients.

Telephone Interpretation is here to optimise your time; in short, your face-to-face meetings, witness statement taking appointments or instruction updates from client requirements can be conducted via way of telephone to fit in with you and your client’s schedule.

Telephoned and Remote interpretations are a great, quick, no fuss and simple way to get documents read to a client, hold a client meeting, carry out a medical appointment, or even to hold a three-way call to take important information from a solicitor and client.”

Our service is fully flexible, and our interpreters can assist, either by way of physical, telephoned or remote attendance:

  • Medical Appointments
  • Witness Statement Appointments
  • Council Meetings
  • Health & Safety Assessments
  • Court Hearings
  • Conference Calls
  • Office Appointments
  • Home Appointments

Book an Interpretation

When you book your interpretation we will provide you with your own dedicated booking coordinator for your interpretation requirements who will manage your booking from start to finish. They will arrange a suitable location and date for the interpretation to take place.  Your booking coordinator will keep you updated at every stage so you can manage your project efficiently.

When you send us your interpretation requirements (via email or we provide API for regular clients), we will provide you with a fee estimate, typically based on the attendance time required for the interpreter.  Once you’re happy with the quote we will send you Terms & Conditions to check over & esign. We will then arrange & coordinate the interpreter, your client, third party & any others as required.

You can pay by BACS, Credit Card, Cheque and we also offer regular businesses account facilities & deferred payment for legal translations, subject to credit.