Telephone Interpretation

Our interpreters can act via the telephone on a one-to-one basis or with the assistance of a solicitor, medical expert, or any other required party. They can liaise direct to arrange an appointment or be booked to assist during a set appointment date and time.
We are here to suit your needs.

Remote Interpretation

All of our language experts are fully versed and experienced with all types of remote platform and technology.

Appointments can be arranged remotely via Zoom, MS Teams, Skype or WhatsApp Video so a solicitor can interact with their client, or a medical expert can hold a medical examination appointment.

We are also able to arrange for language experts to attend court hearings via CVP to assist with client understanding and legal proceedings. (Court direction dependant).


Our experts can assist with:

  • Medical Appointments
  • Witness Statement Appointments
  • Council Meetings
  • Health & Safety Assessments
  • Court Hearings
  • Conference Calls
  • Office Appointments
  • Home Appointments