Medical Translation Services

Today, medical translation is not only one of the most difficult among translations services, but also the most demanded.

The medical field overall is one of the most important that exists around the world today. There is a challenge to find ways to cure life-threatening diseases and invent drugs and other medical devices to make our lives easier when afflicted with a vast range of illness’. That is exacerbated by language barriers.

It is also very difficult because medical texts contain a huge amount of abbreviations, acronyms, and terms specific to the industry and it serves various markets, which speak different languages.

With over 244 million international migrants living around the world today it turns out, most of the interpreting that takes place in our healthcare system, is done either by a family member or doctors with limited ability in the needed language. In a study done by the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, it was revealed that in 35 malpractice cases that led to death or irreparable harm, 32 of the cases involved health care providers who did not use competent translators not only that, lives are diminished when there isn’t adequate access to health care that is also culturally appropriate. The UK alone has become the home of 8.3 million international people and at some point, they will need medical treatment.

The accurate translation of medical documents benefits the entire medical team and the patient. Both doctors and nurses will be better informed of the patient’s complaints and past health history. It is recommended a competent professional is used when translating medical records, they should be a native of the language and have an academic or working background in medicine.

To sum up Medical translation is a unique field consisting of;

  • Pharmaceutical – this comes with additional obstacles to overcome due to the high level of terminology within pharmaceutical labels and other scientific reports.
  • Marketing – all new products in overseas countries require the translation of various paperwork, the ingredients of the medication and instructions for use.
  • Medical Documents – translating medical documents is often necessary to provide proper treatment and care, as well as medical evidence to support a personal injury claim. Health & Legal professionals have a duty of care to their patients / clients.

One of the main benefits of medical translation is that it plays a key role in helping healthcare providers implement the necessary treatment needed for patients in their care who don’t speak their language well enough to allow proper communication.

These are the important benefits of medical translation and why only a specialised translation agency should be utilised to ensure the correct native professional is allocated for accuracy, due care and attention, plus localisation.

We have many years of experience working with professionals with specific skills and sufficient knowledge about various aspects of translating personal injury medical reports through to autopsy reports, because of such we are confident we can assist with any certified medical document translation, in any language.