Document Translation Services

A specialist translator should be used when translating important documents and ensuring that all terms are correct in the target language is vital. You don’t have to be in the legal profession to understand that words which appear the same often have multiple meanings.

Making sure documents are accurately translated is extremely important for any business. There are computer translation services on every platform, however, without proofreading by someone fluent in the target language, errors can soon be noticeable. Some words or phrases don’t translate directly into some languages, and therefore the whole sentence will need to be restructured for the phrase to make sense and to avoid a localisation nightmare.

More so, certified translation projects aren’t so matter of fact, it’s not just a simple case of translating words. In addition to converting text from one language to another, a translation project also requires good formatting skills. Formatting a document for translation means successfully replicating how a source document looks. This includes recreating watermarks, inserting borders, superimposing text over images, and reproducing other details.

Due to the vast types of documents that may require translation, such as technical, medicallegal and anything containing specialist terminology. It’s highly recommended that these types of translations are carried out by experienced translators, with an in-depth knowledge of the sector, any regulations, cultural differences, terminology, typical writing style & formatting experience.

With different types of documents, there also begs the question; Do you need a certified translation?

The term “certified translation” sometimes causes confusion – especially when it comes to when it is and isn’t required. A certified translation is a translated document accompanied by a signed statement from the translator attesting to the completeness and accuracy of the translation, which also includes their qualification.

To understand when and why a certified translation might be necessary, it’s important to have a good grasp of the differences between certified and non-certified translations.

Reputable translation companies usually entrust certified translations only to their most experienced and best-qualified translators, meaning they carried out the translation to their best knowledge and ability.

In the UK, translations accompanied by this declaration are “certified translations”. Here at Translate Hive we issue a Statement of Truth signed by the translator each and every time we provide a translation, ensuring complete accuracy and confidence in the translation.

If you’re looking to translate your business or personal documents in another language, it is advisable to hire only highly skilled professional translators from a company you can trust. Translate Hive are familiar with legality as well as languages and are always happy to answer any questions.