Our First Award Nomination

We are delighted to announce that we’ve been short listed for the Supporting the Industry Award in the upcoming PI Awards for our translation services to the legal industry.

As Translate Hive has been operating for just over a year, this is an incredible honour just to be a finalist and a real credit to the hard & creative work put in by the team.

Translate Hive started life as an extra arm of Laird Assessors after a client who dealt with Polish speaking clients asked if we could help them with their motor insurance claims back in 2014. We duly hired a native Polish speaker and the department grew from there.  We developed innovative & unique systems for ensuring the complicated system of translations & interpretations ran like clockwork.  We soon amassed a varied selection of qualified translators around the UK.

We were predominantly operating in the insurance and legal arenas, when we were approached by a manufacturer who wanted their instructions, terms and documents translated into two dozen different languages so that they could export around the globe.  

It became clear that the customer service we’d inherited from Laird and the technology that we developed gave us an edge in the world of interpretation.  We therefore made the decision to break away from the Laird mothership and form a new identity to enable us to market outside Laird’s traditional client base.

In 2019 Translate Hive was launched as a stand alone brand, headed by Laird’s Languages manager, Christine Baty. To be nominated for an award in the Personal Injury Awards for supporting the industry is a great honour. It’s a shame that the awards will be online this year rather than in person, but Christine and her team will be logging on here on 1st December to stream the awards with fingers crossed on the night.

With many thanks to the clients who have supported us throughout our journey and we look forward to help bring together the many languages now spoken across the UK in 2021 and beyond.

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