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Translation enables effective communication between people around the world. It is a courier for the transmission of knowledge and understanding, a protector of cultural heritage thus providing localisation in areas of indifference and essential to the development of a global economy via business to business reach. 

The above encompasses the benefits of working with a professional translation company such as us.

Christine Baty of Translate Hive says “studies have shown that the internet is used by 3.2 billion people, which is nearly half the world’s population! As a business your goal is expansion, and more than likely on a budget. So, I can tell you this for free, machine translation is cheaper and potentially faster but, does the machine care about your company brand or reputation. Does the speed out way the damaging and somewhat embarrassing mistakes to the vocabulary and localisation? Both are surely rhetorical questions. 

Machine translators have come a long way in a short period, but they are still lacking in certain aspects. These are the aspects that make a translation effective for day to day and business use; and this is where human translators beat the machines. As the saying goes pay cheap and you risk paying twice.”

Would you put your company’s ethos, approach and promises in the hands of a hopeful attempt of automation?

This applies to several industries, such as, Legal, digital reach and Websites, Ecommerce, Marketing, Food & Beverage, Finance, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Human Resources,  Tourism & Leisure, the list is endless. 

Is interpretation lost in translation?

Interpretation also centres around the same factor, though it is tempting to use a family member or friend as it can be comforting if someone is in an unfamiliar or uncomfortable situation. If someone needs to respond to questions or information from authorities or for business interactions unqualified and unexperienced aid may have personal and emotional attachments. They usually do not want to confuse or upset a person close to them in any event, with the added risk of inaccurate interpretations having serious consequences on occasions detrimental to legal matters or business transactions. Where language puts up a barrier for communication, to add emotion or inexperience could be costly.

Should saving cost be the deciding factor when choosing interpretation or translation? Our case studies have proven that a reliable and professional outsourced solution can maintain a business brand and more importantly ensure a delivering promise, as they are aimed at business continuity, brand, and reputation.

In summary, how do we interpret the above into a sustainable and reliable business opportunity? Automation works, it gets so far but, like a business plan, with marketing or continuity strategy would you rely upon sole automation or a person hoping it translates or interprets as close to your business ethos. If the answer is no, an outsourced interpretation and translation services which is accurate, reliable, and ultimately much more effective should be your first option; Translate Hive is experienced in providing services at the highest level to meet the requirements in any industry. 

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