Languages & Legal Services in a Nutshell

Translate Hive are the “non-automotive” brand of Laird Assessors.  Whilst we main offering is for Languages, translations & interpretations, we do offer a range of other legal support services throughout the UK.

The main services we provide are:

  • Interpretation – verbal appointment done either in physical attendance or remote – attend courts, medical appointment, solicitor conferences or one to one with a client
  • Translation – written assignment – we can translate from English to a source language, or from a source language into English.  We deal with all of the 300+ languages currently spoken in the UK.
  • Proofreading – having an expert review original and translated copy documents to ensure that the semantics and terms of phrase are translated accurately in both text and grammar.
  • Witness Statement Taking – can be done in person or remotely (also can be done with the assistance of an interpreter for any foreign speakers)
  • Locus Reports – a report of where an incident has happened – mainly image based, it allows a jury to be placed at an incident scene without having to attend physically
  • Injury Photography (often referred to as a “Scarring Report”) – images of injuries sustained from an incident with measurements
  • Document Collection – agent attends a client to deliver documents from solicitor for reading and signing by a client
  • Cold Call / Tracing – solicitors can often lose touch with a client, so we send and agent to the last known address to try and locate them – liaise with passers by / neighbours to ascertain if the client is still at the address

We are always more than happy to discuss additional service requirements.

For interpretation / translation / proofreading all languages, all experts are registered with the NRPSI (National Register of Public Service Interpreters)  All are fully vetted for security clearances and must have accomplished a minimum number of hours of experience to qualify.  They are the highest quality of independent language experts.  The requirements for government translations are that they must be carried out by a translation company (which we are) or the expert is fully qualified (all statements of truth from the language expert state their qualification), so we tick both boxes.

Witness Statements / Document Collection / Cold Call – are conducted by experts who have worked in the police sector and have qualifications to conduct the appointment

Locus Reports – We have several agents throughout the UK all of whom have exceptional levels of experience with photographing areas and reporting on the area as a whole, (e.g.  road surface type / CCTV presence / speed limits etc)

Injury Photography – Our experts are experienced professional photographers and have DBS clearance checks to ensure that they can attend clients and can take images, sometimes of a sensitive area.

All interpretation and translation assignments are completed with a Statement of Truth from the language expert, so are fully CPR compliant.

To find out about our service including our flexible & volume discount payment terms, please fill in the form below & we’ll get straight back to you:

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