Four Reasons Why Humans Translate Better Than Computers

Human v Computer Translation


A translation service is what helps you get written information into different languages. You may need these services when you want to translate legal documents in your language. Or you need to translate your website content into another language so that you can reach a larger audience.  So why are humans still better at translation than computers?


As the recent poor-quality translation of the Spanish city of Santander’s tourism website has shown, errors can make your business look bad. The managers of the city’s tourism website used Google translate. Readers were confused by recommendations to visit the historic helmet or the Loot Centre, mistranslations of historic old town and Centro Botín. That’s because Google translate struggles with words with multiple meanings. It can’t use context to decide which word is more appropriate. Errors like this might generate publicity, but bad translation will make your brand look bad and could end up costing more than reputation, especially if your business is within the legal industry.


Image and reputation go a long way in business, and one way your business can boost its credibility is by incorporating the languages that your potential clients can understand. Clients will be responsive to a business that is capable of translating all of their materials into one or more languages. Even if translation services aren’t required at that moment, knowing that your company has access to those types of services will give you one leg up over your competitors. Merely having access to reliable translation services will make your business look like it knows what it’s doing and has all its bases covered.


If you use professional translation services, you know you’re working with trained linguists. Besides studying languages, the people handling your texts have studied translation, medicine, and law in some cases. They know how to deal with those cultural issues and words with multiple meanings that Google translate can’t handle. The fact that your professional translator is qualified also means their translations are accepted within Court proceedings.

They are also faster than someone doing your translation in their spare time. Ultimately, you wouldn’t take your sick cat to the dentist, the same goes for translation.

Why use us?


By handling your project internally whether it be from an initial query or a formal instruction, it is ensured that the customer journey is seamless. Bespoke systems allow for simple data entry and automated document generation exclusive to the allocated expert. Pragmatic API links enables customers to directly upload their instructions and our dedicated team of booking agents will dutifully source the appropriate translator. All updates are added to the system and are visible to both the customer and expert. Key times are greatly reduced which allows us to take on more & larger projects without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

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