Why Is Professional Website Translation So Important…

Simply put, professional website translation is necessary to make your page appealing to foreign language speakers.

Communication and accessibility are key elements in today’s business environment.

Technology and changes to standard procedures have contributed to the fact that commercial reality is mostly virtual and many crucial business transactions and operations happen online, especially since COVID-19.

85% of the internet users speak languages including Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, German, English, French or Malay. According to statistics, over 47% of internet users prefer to visit websites in their native language. Moreover, more than 75% of customers do online shopping a minimum of once per month, and 42% of them never purchase items or services if the information is not available in their own language. So, in case you already live in a multilingual country like America or UAE, or you want to build a global brand, you should invest in online website language translation services to create a multilingual website. If you want to generate your revenue by 26% more than your competitors that is…

In the digital era, you will get just 3 seconds to attract your customer to your website. One small change can give a huge competitive advantage. A great company does not spare anything that makes them different from others.

Google Translate is a free tool to translate words, phrases and websites from English into a foreign language. You might wonder, why pay for a translation service to convert content into another language when Google will do it for free?
Why you shouldn’t use google translate for your website

Google Translate is fine for what it is designed to do – translate words. However, when you are translating extensive text and content, you may want to consider something a bit more professional and in-depth. Your business could be counting on it.
Google Translate or any similar “machine translation” does a word-for-word substitution. So, you type in the English word, “revenue”, and Google comes up with the Spanish “ingresos”. If you just substitute one word for another, Google can consider your content as duplication. Moreover, if you translate your various meta-tags, JavaScript and CSS that goes into making your website available online, Google is certain to treat it as automatically generated duplication.

Consequently, if a Googlebot detects duplication, the website’s search ranking is penalized.


Working with professional translators is the best way to translate a website so it is error-free and shows your customers that you care enough about them and your business to provide them information that they can understand. When you need translation services for your website, think twice about using a free service like Google Translate as professional translators can offer you better results that will help you hit the mark with your international customer base.

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