What to look for when choosing an Interpreter

If your company is looking for interpretation services, there are several crucial factors to take into account. To aid you in making an informed decision,  we’ve assembled the top four considerations when seeking to hire an interpreter. This guide aims to ensure that you secure the most suitable professional for your project.

  1. Specialised Industry Knowledge: Does your business operate within an industry characterised by specialised terminology and jargon, such as legal or medical?  If so it’s advisable to seek an interpreter familiar with your industry’s nuances. Whether it involves medical terminology, legal jargon, or construction lexicon, engaging an interpreter with relevant experience ensures seamless communication tailored to your industry’s requirements.
  2. Clarity on Requirements: Different projects necessitate distinct modes of interpretation. For instance, if you’re organising an event featuring one or a few speakers and a monolingual audience, consecutive interpretation is typically suitable. Conversely, for events with multilingual attendees or requiring real-time interpretation, simultaneous interpreting is preferable. Carefully assessing your project’s objectives ensures a more effective outcome.
  3. Beyond Language Proficiency: While linguistic proficiency is crucial, compatibility and flexibility are equally vital, especially for ongoing projects. It’s essential to establish rapport with your interpreter and ensure their availability aligns with your business’s growth trajectory.
  4. Explore Additional Services: If your business anticipates future projects beyond mere interpretation, inquire whether your chosen interpreter offers supplementary services like written translation or expertise in diverse fields. Consolidating your projects with a single service provider fosters stronger relationships and instills trust.

When selecting an interpreting service provider, consider the broader scope and refrain from settling for anything less than excellence.  If you’d like a quote for interpretation please click here.

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