What do our interpreters think of us?

We spoke to one of regular legal interpreters to ask them what we can do to improve our service and how they found working with our team. This was their feedback:

Do you know that type of people you are excited to be working with, managing to somehow put a smile on your face whenever they send you an email without even reading it? That’s Translate Hive, for me after 10 years of professional experience during which I worked with all the top governmental and commercial agencies providing language services across the UK.

This is an amazing team of professionals who seem to love what they are doing as everybody is always prompt in all respects, with a great sense of humour and an incredible capacity of making each project sound nothing but like good news.

I really hope their dynamic approach will continue to be and be seen like today: as an example, for what high standard quality of service really means, both in working with their service providers and their clients.

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