Professional Translation of your Mobile Apps

So, you have just finished your first mobile app and want to share it with as many people as possible. Now is the time to expand your app’s horizons by expanding its language base.

Mobile phones have become a part of modern life, giving millions of people access to a world of mobile apps in the palm of their hand. Translating your app will enable your business to reach a wider audience and remain competitive.

Benefits of Mobile App Translation

  1. Reach new markets in foreign countries. Providing your app in a country’s native language can increase your market share and ultimately revenue.
  2. Translating and localising keywords and metadata allows brands to enhance the visibility of their app and their brand, in relation to specific keyword phrase searches in app stores.
  3. Localised app content increases engagement, which is one of the most important benchmarks of successful marketing and lead generation.
  4. It positions you as a tech-savvy business leader and puts you ahead of your competition.
  5. It enables you to interact directly with your customers regardless of time or location. You can do this with push notifications, special offers and app-exclusive vouchers and coupons relevant to the target market.

Translating an app can often be a complex process which goes far beyond simply translating words and keeping their literal meaning. As a result, in order to ensure that your application works well abroad and is fully understood by the international users, you’ll need someone who is able to offer more than a simple translation into the target language.

Usually, for an application to work smoothly within a foreign environment or with multilingual users, the translation must go a step further. The app must not only be accurately translated word for word, but in addition, also carefully localised. Such service takes into account both – the linguistic as well as visual aspects of the app. Whether it’s colours, currency, time zone – translating your app with us will ensure that all the factors needed for your program to work seamlessly and to be culturally appropriate will be fully covered.

You’ll need an experienced translations partner, who has an in-depth understanding not only of your chosen market and its customers, but also the technical requirements involved – and that’s exactly what we can bring to the table.

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