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A good translation is a matter of trust.

Among our network of experienced linguists, we have translators, and interpreters, specialising in over 100 languages. It’s crucial to find excellent translators because like English, most languages have many variations and linguistic variations, or cultural differences can be a challenge when it comes to document translation.

Our services provide government, legal, health and community agencies as well as individuals the bilingual resources to facilitate client communication. Whether you need interpretation, translation, or language related consultation, we are your link to caring with culturally sensitive language services.

Language Localisation.

To understand where we’re headed, it is helpful to consider how we got here. Things used to be a lot different. Success was measured by how “good” the translation was, as defined by its linguistic quality and technical compliance. Localisation was totally divorced from business outcomes.

Understanding what these terms mean can make a significant difference in the quality of your international content.

The definitions:

“Translation” is the process of rendering text from one language into another so that the meaning is equivalent.
“Localisation” is a more comprehensive process and addresses cultural and non-textual components as well as linguistic issues when adapting a product or service for another country or locale.

Localisation involves more than just translation. It includes translation, and addresses other factors such as text length, local idioms, cultural references, measurement units, and date formats.

Fast-forward to 2021

We see that the pandemic has erased whatever resistance or sluggishness was left in companies towards digital channels. Digital transformation is now front and centre as we’re living in a digital-first universe.
Digital channels include social media, mobile apps, websites, email, and search engines.

Just Google Translate it? Er, no…

There’s no doubting Google Translate is a brilliant and is undeniably one of the most important developments in translation in the 21st century.

However, watch this award-winning ad to see the importance of using a professional translation service.

Need we say more…

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