Legal Document Translation

Foreign, Non-English Speaking, Native tongue, language barrier, need I go on?  You may see or hear the above terms as a solicitor, but have no fear, having a non-English claimant or defendant only really holds one important hurdle, understanding.

Having wrapped our heads around the 113th amendment to the CPR, we can happily say your Witness Statements are in good hands for translation into any language required, however the main factor is for your client to understand all parts of the claim and sign a Statement of Truth to that effect. That is where Translate Hive come in with written translation & verbal interpretation.

If you are unsure of the exact meaning of the new practice directions when it comes to your clients’ needs and to ensure it is CPR compliant, we are there to help advise you in the best possible way, regardless of cost.  We’ll even advise you in the direction of the cheapest option where budget is limited.  The Translate Hive team is big enough to produce the highest quality of work, with the quickest turnaround times, but small enough to care.

Lockdown hasn’t stopped us either we can still arrange interpretation to take your clients understanding to the next level.  Here at Translate Hive, we do what it says on the tin; a thriving community of nationally registered experts that can translate any document from any language to another, or as we have succumbed to the ‘new normal’ remote appointments on any video media platform or by good old fashion telephone, one on one or conference.

Working from home you have less resources around you, like colleague recommendation. We aren’t on the hard sell, we won’t follow up multiple times, but we are here to help, help you progress your claim with no fuss, competitive pricing and a friendly team that make instructing us a pleasure!

Find out more details on this website or speak to our team direct they can answer any questions you might have.

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