How Translation Helps Your Business

The simple answer is yes, if you are thinking of expanding. Industry experts claim that exporting goods abroad make small businesses more competitive, innovative and raises productivity by up to a third in the first year alone! Winning trade overseas is a keyway for companies to kickstart growth and prosper in the marketplace.

Getting your business website translated into a native language of your target audience, will ensure the visitors spend more time which will boost your online visibility as well as sales. Thus, translations can help in generating more revenues for your business and increase your search engine optimisation.

But do not stop there. Will your business as a whole meet the optimised journey your website has? Translating your business’s legal/HR documents, website, leaflets, or any other marketing material can in fact have a great positive effect on the way your company is perceived by your foreign customers. Professionally conducted translations will certainly benefit your business on its expansion journey.

This is a supply and demand market, therefore opening your website up to 3 or more different languages will set you above the rest instantly and you’ll find that the benefits far outweigh the costs.

The prospect of selling in another language, whether it be by exporting goods or website selling, may feel intimidating but it’s well worth getting over that language barrier. A report from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) found that the UK is losing out on an incredible £48bn a year in lost exports as a direct result of its lack of language skills.

A lot of SME’s see languages as a cost whereas really it’s a smart investment. Start small, one or two of your most visited website pages, a handful of the top selling products, marketing material and product information. A small effort to reach further into the world via communication is a big step in expansion.

If you’d like a no obligation (& no further pestering) quotation to translate some or all of your website, please call 0845 505 9961 or click here.

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