The Advantages Of Using Professional Translators

Computer v Professional Human Translation

With the market being saturated with professional translators & interpreters plus translation and interpretation agencies you must be sure to make the right decision.  In such a vast and varied market, it is easy to make the wrong decision regarding your selection for a professional translator or interpreter.

Needless to say, our reputation for fast, accurate & reliable translations is well known in the criminal, medical and website translation sector.  Translate Hive is an established business built on people and not the technology revolution that claims to make the human translation obsolete. 

While technology is undoubtedly crucial and many small businesses or tourists can benefit from the somewhat distorted translations it often provides, areas that demand complete & absolute accuracy such as Legal, Financial, Medical, Technical, Manufacturing & Marketing must contemplate whether cost, qualification, and experience are of a significant priority. 

Lost In Translation

That being said a certain amount of caution should be taken of companies that claim any specific technology can fulfil their translation needs.

Lost in professional translationA couple of examples of easy errors made by technology might help sway the decision.

This Polish Restaurant offers cervical cancer on their menu due to a translation error.

Certified translation fails

In China, a restaurant owner attempted to translate the Chinese word for restaurant into English, but the machine translation produced an error. Not knowing the difference, the restaurant printed the error out in English and used it for their sign.

In an attempt to step around the European Commission and speak directly to each member state, the British government translated its Brexit paper into 22 European languages, including German.The German translation got off to a bad start when they misspelled Deutsch for Deutsche.

And things only went downhill from there, as The Independent reported.  Professional translators & native speakers noticed not only made-up words (“What does ‘Fischergemeinden’ even mean? People praying for fish?”) but also “mythical” and “needlessly complex” language.

What perfect examples to show no matter how limited your budget it is, your business marketing, legal, medical, or financial documentation should be left in the hands of experts.Translate Hive prides itself on the incredible dedication of the team ensuring each instruction is allocated to the most experienced language professional in that sector. 

Communication is key; Translation is the type of work that requires patience and coordination with others who have a deep sense of the culture that corresponds with a source or target language. One of the best ways to ensure that a customer gets the best possible translation is for the translator to have a rapport with the chosen agency in order to resolve areas that need clarification.

Our team are the hive that ensure communication flows, is understood, and reiterated in a way all parties can acknowledge and appreciate. 

Real people from beginning to end. Contact the team here for a ‘no hassle, no commitment’ quotation for any written translation or verbal interpretation.